Tziporah Productions works regularly with the drum and dance collective Saboumando.

To view a list of upcoming performances click HERE.

11168401_10152953729840069_3499024229714544444_oSaboumando is a drum and dance collective which celebrates the music, dance and culture of Guinea, West Africa. Created in the spring of 2015, the group is made up of musicians and dancers that perform regularly in Toronto. The music of Saboumando is grounded in ancient West African rhythms, liberally fertilized with raw, percussive Jazz. With original arrangements, traditional/contemporary dance choreography, and a deep love and respect for the values and healing potential of traditional music, Saboumando tackles the deepest roots and unexplored boundaries of Afro-Jazz fusion. The result is uplifting, inspiring, and energizing. Visit our Soundcloud page HERE.

To contact the group about a booking please email or visit